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Summer time ~ what’s your plan?

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | June 26, 2016

What’s your plan this summer? There are so many options of things to do in the summer from hiking and biking to festivals and beach days. As Canadians who are inside so much of the winter months hibernating, summer is the time to get outside and take in the fresh air, warm nights, beautiful flowers…

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Sometimes we need a reset

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | June 7, 2016

Who wants to feel better? Have more energy? Be more focused? Sleep better? All hands are up, I’m sure. As women, we tend to get focused on the needs of everyone else and forget about the most important person, you. We get on our treadmill of life every day… cook, clean, work, drive, shop,console, advise…

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Why you should make your bed each day.

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | May 15, 2016

Life is filled with challenges, questions and celebrations. Sometimes the challenges outweigh the celebrations, sometimes the celebrations outweigh the challenges but in the end we all just want to make a difference and make the world just a little bit better. So how do we get the scale to shift toward celebration and find a…

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Getting old is a state of mind

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | May 8, 2016

What does getting old mean to you? Does it stress you out? Do you worry about it? Well, this lovely lady, Flossie Lewis has a brief but spectacular view on growing old. I think she nailed it.

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Do you know you?

By Patti Phillips | May 2, 2016

An essential element of being happy is knowing oneself and living authentically. Did you know less than 50% of people who have done personality assessments turn out to be self-aware? I just reviewed a CORE MAP personal awareness profile with a client the other day. She was motivated to ask for support because she has…

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Balancing Self Acceptance with Self Improvement

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | May 2, 2016

We live at a time when we are continually encouraged to work on ourselves. Be a better leader, be a better parent, eat more healthy, do more exercise, have better relationships, etc. It’s no wonder we currently have the highest rates of depression and stress in history when we live with an overwhelming sense of…

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