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Everyone needs a break

I’m down in Florida for 10 days taking a break from winter and visiting my parents. The weather has been awesome except for today when the rain and cool weather arrived and threw us off our game plan a little. However, regardless of the weather, life is pretty darn good. I share this because I…

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Be kind to one another

Ellen ends her show by reminding us to be kind to one another, we teach our children when they are young and we all have good intentions but sometimes we need to focus more on creating those opportunities. As we head into the holiday season I would like to encourage you all to¬† focus your…

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The Power of Love

This weekend I attended a wonderful essential yoga class at Your Yoga. It was inspiring, relaxing and energizing all at once. I loved it. The class began with a quote that resonated with me so deeply in our world of war, terrorism and wealth, I had to share it. When the news continues to focus…

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