About Happy Monkey Club

Welcome to HMC, your connection to adventure travel, wellness and giving back.  Guided by our five pillars of happiness (Be Positive, Eat Healthy, Live Active, Have Fun, Give Back) we have created a community of women who strive to live a happy, healthy, positive life while giving back to their community.

Our adventure travel trips focus on hiking, living active, learning and experiencing new places and cultures. Our Wellness message is based on the five pillars our happiness and we give back through fundraising for various charities.

We encourage a balanced approach to wellness through mind, body and soul. Joining our community opens up a world of opportunity to connect with this community and participate in events throughout the year to learn, be active or simply have fun.

We do all the work for you. We plan the events, research the latest articles in wellness and happiness, share quotes and jokes and create opportunities to meet others in a safe, sharing environment. Whether you are looking for fun, health or positive energy we have something for everyone. The beauty is there is no obligation, you take what you like and leave the rest.

As women we tend to look after everyone else but ourselves. We make time to care for our children, our parents, our spouses, our pets, our friends, our neighbors...

It’s time to start looking after the most important person in your life, YOU!

HMC is the community that gives you permission to say yes to you.

Joining is free, you only pay for the events you attend and some of those are free too!

Why should I join the HMC Community?

  • Convenience: we do the work for you and pull it all together in a nice easy to follow website, weekly emails and fun events.
  • Results: If you follow our five pillars of Happiness you will experience positive change in your life including health and happiness.
  • Education: We are always learning through life, we share the latest articles and tap into local experts to share with you.
  • Accountability and Motivation: When you a part of a community you are more motivated and accountable.
  • Community: You are now connected to an amazing community of happy, healthy, fun women who are all on the same journey.
  • Giving Back: We give back through volunteering, raising funds for charity and doing random acts of kindness.
  • No Obligation: You take what you like and leave the rest.
  • It's free: Who doesn't like free?

Why "Happy Monkey Club"?

"The name Happy Monkey Club was inspired by a little yellow monkey that I found at Toys"R"Us one day when my life wasn't on the right track and I wasn't very happy.

"The monkey had a big smile and 'Happy' written on its chest. Just looking at it instantly made me smile and feel better in the moment. It made me realize that being happy was a choice and a good one at that! I used this monkey to inspire me to make changes in my life to be more positive, to smile and appreciate every day. Happy Monkey Club is all about that simple choice to smile, relax and engage in life. If a little plush monkey could help change my world, I thought it could help change others too!"

— CarolRC3_0141

Our Mission

Happy Monkey Club's mission is to create communities of happy, healthy, positive women that in turn give back to others. Guided by our five pillars of happiness: Be Positive, Eat Healthy, Live Active, Have Fun, Give Back, we give our members permission to take care of themselves first so they can be the best care giver for their loved ones. We solve the problem of overworked, over scheduled unhappy women by helping our members find their true authentic selves and live a life of fun, wellness and positivity at every stage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire our members to become ambassadors of the Happy Monkey message and help shift the way we all think and act, and make our world a more peaceful, happy, healthy place.

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