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This week at the monthly life lesson we discussed finding meaning in mid life. We are always asked at the end of these life lessons what our take away is and what we will take action on. This week my take away was to embrace the concept of the beginners mind.  So what is the beginners mind? Good question as this was a new concept to me too.

The beginners mind truly is about setting aside all your knowledge and  beliefs and approaching each experience with fresh eyes and an open mind.

As we hit mid life we have done many things, had many experiences and learned so much and sometimes we get stuck and wonder if this is it.  Have we truly experienced everything? or is midlife a time when we can use our knowledge and experience with an open mind and continue to experience new things but more importantly see them through new eyes?

A child truly has a beginners mind and sees the world with wonder. They are curious about everything, asks many questions, finds adventure and never prejudges an experience. As we get older we get into routines, we feel we know it all and we are not as curious, open or adventurous. Some of that is with good reason, but there are so many opportunities to slow down, be curious, ask new questions and don’t prejudge your experience.

Opportunity, excitement, newness and wonder are all around us if we just slow down enough to look at the world through beginners eyes. I started last week and it truly is powerful.

This article is a great resource if you want to read more on the beginners mind.

For those of you looking for some direction at mid life and how to recreate retirement we are hosting a free information session this Thursday. Hope you can join us. We will share with you our upcoming retreat and you will take away the top 5 things you should consider as you enter retirement.

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