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Hey my Winnipeg Monkeys, I am reaching out on behalf of a friend working with Immigrant families here in Manitoba. We need your help.

Here is the email I received:
The other thing I wanted to ask is whether your community has anything to donate for a recent immigrant woman with a 13 year old girl and one other child.
She has found herself in a very unfortunate circumstance. Her husband left the country and took everything of value and the money. He is no longer in contact and is not paying any support to her.
She has to start up on her own and needs anything for an apartment including kitchen and bath towels, other kitchen items (plates/dishes/fry pan), utensils, rice cooker, small furniture (kitchen table and chairs), sheets, blankets, shower curtain, a dresser, and a desk and chair for the 13 year old.

If you think any monkeys could help, please let me know.

I KNOW some monkeys can help so I ask, what can you donate from your home to help this family?
You can drop it off at any of the 3 Oakley Opticals in the city or at my home. You can reach me directly at 204-955-6318 and arrange a pick up time.

Let’s help this family get a strong start here in Manitoba.

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