Change is in the air

2021 has been a fresh start for all of us. Putting 2020 behind us feels good and planning for 2021 is exciting. Yes, we still have time at home and yes, it is getting old but the light is at the end of this long tunnel. We have all been blessed with the gift of time and I do not want to waste it complaining and focussing on the negative. I want to use it to be ready to come out of the gates flying when Covid finally gets under control.

The January reset I offered has been a huge success. 30 Happy Monkeys focussed on the 5 pillars of happiness for 31 days. It has been a great way to kick off the new year and made me realize this is truly the next step for Happy Monkey Club. A truly connected community of like minded women committed to their health and happiness.

So, HMC is upgrading to a new premium membership for a small fee. You are invited to connect in our Mighty Network community to focus on your health and happiness on a daily, weekly level with a bunch of fun loving monkeys.

As always you take what you like and leave the rest but the resources, guidance and community will be there for you in one place, in a clean, safe platform without the noise of advertising and distractions of social media.

I invite you to check it out and consider making the step to a community commitment to you and your health and wellness.

Not to worry, the free membership with HMC will always be there for those of you who aren’t ready for the change but when you are this is where all the action is.

Here’s a little taste of what went on in the January reset:

“Being mindful of what I am eating and cleaning out the junk, taking time to try new recipes, living active by getting outside and discovering new trails and meeting other members, starting each day with a routine of meditation, journaling and 5 minute yoga has truly had a profound shift in how I take on each day. I feel energized, productive and happy. So why not keep it going? “

Advantage of Premium membership

  • Front of the line: First to know about all upcoming events and adventure travel trips.
  • Our Community: Online community built just for us, no noise of social media and adds.
  • Motivation: A supportive community that shares their knowledge and supports you in your journey.
  • Resources available exclusively to our Premium members.
  • Organized walks/hikes around the Winnipeg area at no extra charge.
  • Discounts of $50-100 dollars on booked HMC adventure travel trips.
  • 10% discount in the HMC happiness store.

The plan is to run focused resets 3 times a year, (January, May, September) and in between this community is here to support you and keep you on track in your health and wellness journey.

The first month is free, why not give it a try?

Happy Monkey Club Premium membership.

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