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Change is in the air

Change is all around us, actually it truly is the one guarantee in life outside of death and taxes. Things are always changing. We either embrace change or get left behind. The seasons change as we are experiencing right now. The weather is warming, the birds are returning and nature is beginning explode with colour. We change too as we age, some good, some not so good but embracing it along the way is key. Friendships change, partnerships change, kids change and businesses change.

We all evolve trying to learn from our experiences, failures and feedback from others to become the best we can be personally and also as an employee or business owner. HMC is no different. We have had many changes and evolution’s over the last six years. Our core values and pillars of happiness have never wavered but how it is delivered continues to change.

So what’s next?

Healthy Lifestyle retreats will be the next offering through HMC. It began 3 years ago with our annual retreat to Red Mountain Utah, to hike, live active, eat healthy and relax and I’m happy to report it is now expanding. We will be offering short local retreats and  retreats to various parts of the world. The focus of each retreat will vary, but the purpose always the same. You will go home learning something new that you can adopt into your life moving forward that will create more health and happiness.

I’m excited to announce our first local retreat to beautiful Pinawa, Manitoba; Recreating Retirement: the best you for part two!  Space will be limited at this retreat so act on it now so you don’t miss out. Retirement is the beginning of the next phase of your life with big changes involved. Set yourself up for the a happy healthy second half of life.


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