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Changing Fear

The beauty of stepping through fear…is that the process has the potential to awaken us, ignite our intuition, motivate us and open doors to new opportunities and possibilities we could not even see before.


Change, change, change…the world is full of change!

Change your home. Change your job/career. Change your diet. Change your relationships. Change your thoughts. Change your attitude.

The truth is that when most people think about changing it evokes some level of FEAR (aka worry, anxiety, stress). Just think a moment about changing…Does it make you shrink? Does it make you think: why bother, where do I start, it’s too hard, no one will understand or support me, I don’t have time for this?

So, does thinking about changing trigger any fears in you?…YES? Well, let me tell you it’s OK! This is a normal response. BUT DON’T GET STUCK IN FEAR OR WHAT YOU DESIRE TO CHANGE WILL NEVER ACTUALIZE INTO YOUR END GOALS.

Our FEARS actually provide us with important information about our inner world. It gives us hints to what is in need of healing and transforming. So next time you feel fear, I invite you to look your fear straight in the eye and ask, “What is this fear/emotion/anxiety telling me? What can I learn from this feeling or perception? What could support me?”

The truth is that in the absence of change you will remain EXACTLY where you are right now. Change or receiving the best gains may be painful & messy process. It may evoke fear or spin your mind to justify why the current state is really not so bad.

Transforming FEAR is important because living in fear/worry/anxiety hold us in a lower vibration that actually works against you moving forward. Fear delays, distorts and prevents the actualization of our goals.

The beauty of stepping through fear… is that the process has the potential to awaken us, ignite our intuition, motivate us and open doors to new opportunities and possibilities we could not even see before.

Don’t be afraid of change. Step over, through and beyond your fears. Be the courageous, empowered, divine-being you were meant to be!

Explore, take action, push yourself – Live! Don’t be timid. Go after life!

DARE to REACH for a better life, a better you, better relationships. One step at a time. One new choice at a time. The power to change what is not working for you is within YOU!

What I also know, is that sometimes you need help to both identify what is holding you back (your blind-spots) and support through the process of change.

I bet you already know that continued commitment to sustaining a new behavior is a process that takes time, commitment and action.

Relapses are common. Falling into old patterns of behavior is normal; it takes time to reinforce a new pattern of behaviour or thinking. Relapsing is not a time for self-punishment or guilt; this is a queue to get back on track and renew your plan and commitment to yourself. It is a time to reassess your motivation, barriers and supports.

This is why I do what I do and why I have created the Manifest Your Desired Life Workshop and Coaching Programs.

I will teach you tools so you can Consciously Create Your Life and support you to Discover Your Goals & Reach Your Potential.

For more information on me or my programs please visit my website.

Big Love, Rev. Laura D. Bean

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