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Yes, sidewalk chalk… and you thought it was just for kids. I challenge you all to start packing sidewalk chalk in your purse and add a smile to someone else’s day through random acts of kindness with sidewalk chalk.

Here’s what I mean…

Through Happy Monkey Club and our giving back pillar, we talk about doing random acts of kindness. These are simple gestures or actions that you do for others with no expectation of anything in return. They don’t have to cost you money; they just have to have the intention of making someone else feel good which in turn will make you feel good.

Sidewalk chalk is a simple way to do this. You can leave a message to a friend, your neighbor, a stranger and make a positive difference in their day.

Here’s what happened to me. I hosted 10 ladies at my home for a wrap up session to our 28 day whole health challenge. We had a wonderful meal, shared great conversation and everyone pitched in to make the night a success. After everyone had left I opened up the front door and there on my front step was this message.

A random act of kindness

It made my evening and I smiled every time I saw it until the rain washed it away 2 days later. It was so simple but so incredibly powerful.

It also reminded me of other times I had seen sidewalk chalk messages that made me feel good and I made a commitment to myself to become part of the sidewalk chalk crowd and spread my own random acts of kindness through fun, positive messages.

Start with a simple happy face and then go with whatever inspires you. What are you waiting for? Get some sidewalk chalk today and leave your message to the world.

– Carol

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