Do you have the guts to be healthy?

That is an interesting question with a couple of meanings.

  1. Is your gut (microbiome) healthy?
  2. Are you willing to take the steps to be truly healthy?

The first reference has to do with your gut health and the trillions of good bacteria that keep us happy and healthy. It’s a very important part of our health that is gaining more interest and focus. The gut has been described as the second brain that plays in integral role in leading a healthy life. What you feed your gut is the key to creating proper digestion and a strong immune system.

The second reference is asking you if you truly have the will and determination to make the changes needed to be healthy. We live in a culture today where the food industry is motivated by profits and marketing is used to sell us food like products. If you truly want to be healthy, you are the only one who can educate yourself and make the decisions daily to be healthy.

Naturally we all want to be healthy, it seems like a silly question, but the challenge comes when it becomes a little bit of work to do so. Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to create a healthy lifestyle that serves you for life?

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Being healthy is a choice. Fuel your body with whole foods, move your body daily, stress less, engage with friends and family, have fun and laugh, give back to others. These are all pieces of a healthy living puzzle that truly starts in you gut.

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