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Everyone needs a break

I’m down in Florida for 10 days taking a break from winter and visiting my parents. The weather has been awesome except for today when the rain and cool weather arrived and threw us off our game plan a little. However, regardless of the weather, life is pretty darn good. I share this because I love to reflect when I have time and hanging out in Florida is one of those times.

Taking a break from real life, regardless of whether you are on holidays, taking a day off or on a 15 minute coffee break, is a time to reset, reflect and regroup. Don’t miss that opportunity.

Holidays allow you to totally break away from real life, giving you a chance to escape your own reality, experience something new and totally reset. A day off gives you a shift in your daily routine to catch up on the things you put off and a 15 minute break allows you to reset your day and come at it with a new energy and attitude.

No matter what you are fortunate enough to get as a break, be sure to embrace every minute of it because it will be over before you have a chance to blink. One week, one day or 15 minutes…they all serve a purpose in your life and unless you embrace that time to escape, reset, breath or simply chill out you have missed an opportunity.

I know when I arrive home this week it will seem like I was never away (except for the Visa bill!) but in the moment as with every break I get in life, I take it all in. Breath, be mindful, smile, and look forward to what comes next.  How do you embrace a break?

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