Summer 2018 has been one of the best ever. The weather has been amazing, time with family and friends is cherished and a break from the daily routine is always welcome. However, with all that socializing sometimes we don’t make the best choices. Too much sitting and relaxing, snacks and “refreshments” 24/7 and late nights can catch up and we roll into fall not  always feeling our best.

What can you do?

You can continue down the road of slow decline; sitting, eating and sleeping or we can commit to a fall health routine just like we commit to other fall activities.

It’s interesting to me that as we all get older, people find comfort in each others aches and pains. They compare medications, they get excited when someone else has the same diagnosis as them and they exchange the names of their favorite health care practitioners.

Personally, I prefer to focus on prevention and how to avoid the medications, the disabling aches and pains and the doctor visits.

I love feeling great, I love being able to be active and say yes to all kinds of invitations.  I love having extra time and energy not spent going to the doctor or pharmacy. Health is my hobby and I love sharing what I learn because I care about people and I want healthy friends to hang out with for life!

Do you have a healthy living plan?

Healthy living encompasses many layers:

  • What you do …  Lifestyle
  • How you move … Exercise
  • How you think … Attitude
  • What do you eat … Nutrition

As a certified health coach I read and listen to many different health care professionals and the latest greatest diets. I have found that regardless of what they believe or what they are trying to sell, the bottom line is always the same.  There is no quick fix and healthy lifesyles all include:

  • A Whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise
  • Good sleep
  • Water
  • Less Stress

So stop looking for the quick fix and start living life every day with health as your hobby!

HMC offers great programs to assist you in all these areas and I’m happy to have a complimentary  happiness consultation with you to see how I can best support you.

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