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Research has shown that the old saying of “It’s better to give than receive” is true on many levels. Besides feeling good about you for doing something for others it is also good for your physical health, self-esteem and personal empowerment. I can say from first hand experience how true that is. From picking up garbage on a walk, to holding the door,  to writing cheques for charity, to taking time for me, it all fuels my positive happy side.

With that in mind, HMC is going to focus the month of November on giving back. We have a couple of key events targeted to share with you.

Rumors Comedy Night Fundraiser, November 22.

Help us sell out Rumors Nov. 22, for a night of laughter in support of the HMC Sharing Circle Endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation. This fund generates revenue every year and a gift is made to local Manitoba Charities that support women. Bravestone Centre has been the recipient of our gift for the last 5 years.  We are helping to break the cycle of abuse against women.

For details and to order your tickets click here.

21 Day Challenge to End Diabetes

The 21 Day Challenge to End Diabetes dares you to take on a new healthy habit for 21 days in a row. Then challenge friends, family and colleagues to do the same and make a donation on your behalf to raise vital funds to support people affected by diabetes.

This is such a perfect fit for HMC as we are always encouraging healthy habits and now we can tie it to a cause. I have created a team called Happy Monkey Club, made my donation and committed to be active a minimum of 30 minutes every day and I invite you to join my team.

I will be posting on Facebook daily to encourage others to play along.

I’m feeling good about November and our focus, please join me on this happiness journey.


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