Good Good Morning

As we are living in some trying times with Covid-19, racial discrimination and crazy weather just to mention a few, sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Watching the news makes you feel like the world is self imploding one day at a time. However, I have to tell you I feel pretty darn good and I want to share a little story as to how you can find a little happiness in a messed up world.

I know there is plenty to worry about but let’s focus on what we have control over and change the energy. We can all make the world a better place one good morning at a time.

Last week my friend and I went on a long morning bike ride and intentionally made an effort to say good morning to everyone we passed.

It didn’t matter to us what the reaction was, we continued to say good morning with a big smile and carry on. As usual, some received it and returned it with a big smile, others were surprised by our greeting but instantly shifted their energy and said good morning back and some unfortunately said nothing and thought we were crazy. However, for the most part we felt the positive energy from others and felt we were sharing some positive vibes too. We finished our ride and I can honestly say I felt energized, happy and engaged.

It’s amazing the effect of your mood on others. Being mindful and intentionally sending out positive vibes to others only makes you happier. If you slow down and take note of the energy different people give off you will understand what I’m talking about and perhaps choose the people you hang around accordingly.

My challenge to you this week is to mindfully be positive. Say good morning to others, smile at a stranger, just breathe when something or someone frustrates you and move on. “Kill em with kindness.” “Kill em with positive vibes.” Most of the things that upset us are beyond our control. If you can’t change it don’t worry about it, move on and just say “Good good morning.” It’s the best way to start your day and someone else’s.

For those of you who grew up in Winnipeg and had parents who listened to the morning DJ on CJOB, Red Alex, here’s a little throw back that will put a smile on your face and start your day off right.

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  1. Karen Duha on June 22, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Fantastic and good morning to you!! I love Red Alix! Thank you for the memory!

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