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Happiness truly is a journey and not a destination.

I plan to travel through my whole life with a smile on my face and embracing every opportunity I have to live life to the fullest. I want to be a role model for others to find their own happiness along the road of life. Today I met my own role models.

Explore Life Coach Patti Phillips and myself ventured out on our Wild Winnipeg Walk all on our own last week. Just when I thought the HMC members where embracing winter, a little cold temperature scared them away. 🙁

If any of you have known me very long you know I despise the long cold winters of Winnipeg and often question why I am still living here. However, Patti, challenged me a few years ago to embrace winter, dress for the weather and get outside and that’s what I have done.

I was bundled from head to toe and toasty warm. We headed out on our walk with a warm up on the toboggan run at Fort Whyte and then off we went on the man made trails and deer trails through Fort Whyte. It was absolutely gorgeous out. The sun was shining, the sky was deep blue and their was wildlife to observe at every turn. The Extreme cold warning and – 38 wind chill wasn’t even a factor.

We walked for an hour and 20 minutes without seeing a single sole other than 2 employees from Fort Whyte walking between buildings and then our paths crossed with 6 seniors from the Leisure Bike Club out for the their Thursday walk at Fort Whyte.

It was instant smiles and chatter among the 8 of us, sharing what a gorgeous day it was, all the activities they do year around and the wonder of why we were the only ones enjoying it.

I learned they walk 3 days a week in the winter and bike 3 days a week in the summer. Forks on Sunday, Assiniboine Park on Tuesday and Fort Whyte on Thursday. I asked if they ever cancel for the cold and the answer was never!

They instantly became my role models for the life I want to be living in 20 years. Active, happy and energized. I know that can only happen if I continue on my happiness journey everyday following the five pillars of happiness.

It’s all about lifestyle. Doing the little things everyday that add up to positive change. It sounds simple and truly can be. HMC can be your guide if you are open to joining a group of fun, happy, inspiring women who are all striving to live a happy, healthy life.

I  invite you to join me on my journey. If you are not a member already, join today and let us be your guide along your own happiness journey.

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