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Happiness? now or later?

You subscribe to different websites, follow motivational speakers, scroll through social media. You talk about going on that trip of a lifetime, reconnecting with an old friend, volunteering, getting healthier, finding true happiness … the list is endless. Yet every day you look in the mirror and tell yourself … tomorrow I’ll start.

Why wait for tomorrow, when you have today?

I write a blog every week sharing my version of my happy monkey life. My intention is to inspire happiness by practicing what I preach. I love to share healthy living, travel, fun events, inspirational people and how to give back to others and to yourself. The longer I follow my pillars of happiness the better I feel about my choices in life but it is always an ongoing journey.

6 years ago I started this journey by creating HMC. My goal was to inspire women to lead a positive, happy, healthy life while giving back to others. Truth be told, it was a bit of a personal quest to find all these things for myself and I have to say it’s been a great journey that continues every day. I have learned so much along the way and it is always an ongoing process. The first key thing I have embraced is patience.  When you take small steps every day they add up to big change which can include a positive mind set, health and happiness. The second thing is, I don’t say,  “I’ll start tomorrow” anymore. Why? because tomorrow never comes. I focus on my pillars each and every day. I slip, I fall but I always get back up and climb on the happy train.

You see there are many choices we can make in life. You can blame others for how you feel, how you look, what you do or you can look in the mirror and love who you are and own that you are the only one who controls the choices you make each and every day.

I was a very competitive athlete growing up and some might say that has not left me but one thing that has shifted is the understanding that it isn’t win or lose in life, it’s win or learn. Sure you lose games, you lose friends, you lose jobs, relationships etc. BUT the key is to learn from the loss and move on toward winning again. You only ever lose in life when you don’t learn.

What’s your plan? What comes next?

Healthy eating, being authentic, living active, having fun and giving back are all part of the journey, not something to wait until tomorrow to start. You choose each and every day what to focus on, what to eat, what to say, what to think and what to do. I invite you to consider taking action on the things you want to change right now!

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. What are you waiting for ? Hop on the happy train and join us for some HMC events coming up.

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Fun, engaging events are always being updated so check out, put a smile on your face and make choices every day that lead you to your happiness.

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