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Healthy body – Healthy planet

I talk about balance when it comes to lifestyle and healthy living. There are many different things that effect our health from sleep, to diet, to active lifestyle, to community, to stress, to water consumption to environment. Each one is an important piece of a puzzle that when complete allows us to live a healthy, happy life.

Today I focus on environment and the planet we live on. This past week it seems the message I was meant to hear was about garbage. From conversations with friends to Facebook posts to ads on T.V. The universe speaks loudly sometimes and we have to listen and ask what does that mean. I felt that my mission was to share what I learned in hopes it will have a positive impact on where we live.

Our planet is in trouble and it needs our help.

From the mass amounts of garbage produced every day to the overwhelming amount of plastic floating in our oceans, garbage is literally smothering us to death slowly but surely. Wildlife is dying off in the oceans, global warming is threatening wildlife in the North, pollution is choking out our lakes, ground water supplies are being poisoned, soils have lost many of their base nutrients and the health of our citizens is directly reflected in the health of our planet.

Considering the reason our planet is failing is because of the choices we as humans are making, then it only makes sense it is up to us to make change one person at a time to help our earth heal. Just like we can make personal health choices one step at a time to help heal ourselves. It’s time to focus on our planet too or we won’t have anywhere to live.

It is a massive undertaking however, I challenge you to make one simple change in your daily habits, educate yourself and share the message with others, including local businesses. Say no to plastic!

This pictograph below is a great starting point.

What will you do?

If you don’t think we have an issue, just watch this then make your choice.

We can’t be healthy if our planet isn’t healthy. I  know what choice I’m making.


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