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Do you want to get high?

With all the talk about legalizing marijuana here in Canada I have so many questions? I’m not sure where I really stand on it. I”m not really apposed and I’m not really for it. Frankly it really isn’t going to play a role in my life personally so I’m not all that passionate about it. Having said that, I have thought about it a lot and have had some great conversations with knowledgable  people. I do wonder what it will look like when it is legalized. I wonder how people will react to it and if it will have long term effects on peoples health and our society and communities positive or negative.  That conversation is for another platform. Not my expertise, however, getting high on life, that my friends is something I can get passionate about.

The past week I have been laser focused on healthy living including eating healthy, living active and being mindful of my decisions and choices. The reason I have been so focused is because of a program I run called Shred10 and I have 3 days left. I can’t tell you how awesome I feel and what a fun week I have had. From a healthy eating perspective, I cleaned up a few bad habits that where getting out of control, I have got good sleep and have drank a ton of water but what has been different for me is the amount of time I have spent outdoors and trying new things.

The weather has cooperated which makes it a lot easier to get out and enjoy and I have had friends and family who have joined me on my adventures which really ads to the fun. I have walked on trails, on the river and around my neighborhood, played hockey, been to the gym, tried speed skating and today I went fat tire biking. Both the speed skating and the biking were a first for me and both pretty awesome. The active living has invigorated me and inspired me to continue on my healthy living journey so I can be active for life and I cant’ help but share that with you.

A key to all of this has been being mindful of my choices, setting intentions each day and being consistent. All week my energy has been building and I feel awesome, happy and energized. High on life you could say.

I share this because I want to inspire and invite more people to realize the incredible natural highs we can get in life by leading a healthy, active, authentic life. And the best part is we don’t have to wait for it to be legalized we just have to get out and do it.

Let’s get high on life together! Invite a friend or family member to join you, it’s always more fun with a friend. Follow Happy Monkey Club on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Come out to an event, give back to our sharing circle, sign up for our next Shred10 (Feb. 19) and whatever you do always think happy!

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