Red Mountain retreat, Utah was my home from Oct. 9 – 13, with 13 Happy Monkeys. I am returning home grateful, energized and empowered. My time was spent living the 5 pillars of Happiness to the extreme, no distractions. I was able to focus 100 % of my time and energy on being positive, living active, eating healthy, having fun and giving back. It once again confirms to me why keeping these things in our lives on a daily basis are so important.

There were 13 Happy Monkeys on this retreat with many just meeting for the first time. Some came with a friend, some came with family and some came alone but we all came with our own focus and intentions of what we wanted to take away from the experience. At times we went out in groups, other activities were done alone, some chose to challenge themselves physically, others focused on their mental health but every night we came together for dinner and shared our experience of the day. It solidified to me the importance of community and how honored I am to lead the Happy Monkeys in our own personal journey of life.

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