The HMC sharing circle endowment fund is making a difference and this is my annual invitation to ask you to consider adding this fund to your list of giving.

I understand that there are many worthy causes in our community asking for your financial support and at some point you said yes because someone asked. So today I am asking you to consider adding the HMC sharing circle to you list.

What is the HMC Sharing Circle Endowment fund?

This fund was established to allow HMC members and friends to collectively build a fund that makes a positive difference in our community today and for eternity. Currently our efforts support Bravestone Centre and assists in breaking the cycle of abuse against women.

The Winnipeg Foundation manages the fund on our behalf.

Why should I give?

Giving financial contributions to any cause is a very personal decision. I only ask that you reflect on our own values and beliefs and decide if this endowment fund that will always support women in Manitoba is something you believe in.

How does the fund grow?

The fund grows annually in many different ways.

  • Planned monthly contributions from our members and friends
  • Annual contributions from our members and friends
  • Fundraising events throughout the year ( Comedy nights, Pampered Chef events, Quiz night)

How much is in the fund now?

There is currently $47,564 which generates an annual gift of just over $2000.

This has all been generated through the generous hearts of our members, friends and events. Slowly but surely our fund continues to grow and makes a positive difference in our community.

How can I give?

It’s simple just click here and you can set up a monthly contribution or a one time gift.

Together we are making a positive difference in our community now and forever.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you have any questions about this endowment or HMC in general please email Carol.


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