Jann Arden’s 2020 view

Sometimes I read something that I just have to share. I have been a fan of Jann Arden for years. Not only do I love her music but I love her as a person even more. I don’t know her personally but I do know she is authentic and real and that’s my kinda gal.

So I share this from her Facebook page as good reminder how to take on the year and be better.

“2020. What a great looking number. I’m pretty sure life is gonna be throwing a lot of shit at all of us again this year, but here’s the thing, it’s the obstacles and the challenges that are gonna make you rise up, stand up, face up, listen up and buck up,- it’s all of the seemingly insignificant little moments that are going to define who you are. I know it’s not easy.

Look after yourself.
Really look after your body.
You’re not getting any God damn younger and that’s the one thing you can start doing to really alter your ‘future self’. Give your body a chance to get old.
Feed it some decent food.
Drink some damn water.
Have a cup of tea instead of a glass of wine.
Walk somewhere instead of just thinking about walking somewhere.

Get up.

Forgive everything.
I mean that.

Hanging onto old wounds, old- ‘you done me wrongs’, or old ‘you broke my hearts’ or ancient ‘you screwed me overs’ will only serve to sink you-not them.

The Frozen movie has ruined the saying “Let It Go” for the rest of time, but I’ll say it anyway. Let it all go.
Falling down is just as important as getting up because if you’re falling down, that means that at some point, you WERE standing up and that’s saying something.

Get out there and fail!!

There is so much love in the world.
There is so much good.
Smile at people you go past even if they don’t smile back, they feel that goodness and they’ll think about it all day.

“Why did that girl smile at me?”

I am going to fuck up a lot this year, but it’ll be because I’m trying to be better.” Jann Arden

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  1. Deri Latimer on January 6, 2020 at 8:31 am

    So fabulous! I completely concur!

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