I was out for a walk last week when I came across this tree that grew out at a 90 degree angle and then turned another 90 degrees and reached straight up to the sky. It was tall and healthy and beautiful. I was amazed at it’s ability to do this and survive. I took a picture of the tree and walked on reflecting on the tree and the lesson it provided for me.

I thought about how life can send us curve balls that can totally change the direction of our lives. Job loss, divorce, death, moving, children, illness and the list goes on. We are all presented with challenge in our lives. Unexpected change can truly stop you in your tracks in the short term but the lesson is to not stop living.

We sometimes need to pause, regroup and change direction but in time we too can reach up to the sky and live a full, happy, healthy life.

I love looking for lessons in nature, if you slow down enough to notice and reflect you can learn all you need to know from nature.

That was my lesson.

I later learned the actual reason these trees are like this is that they are trail markers and markers of areas of significant importance such as ceremonial sites. These trees were used by many, if not all of the Native American tribes and later by fur traders and early pioneers.

A young sapling was tied down for much of its early growth and then released to create the bend in the tree and create a marker for others to follow.

Regardless of how the tree was formed we can all learn from nature.

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  1. Denise on July 23, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    I am currently reading a book called Animal-Speak! Your post about the tree reminds me of the messages in the book! Nature is always communicating with us, especially animals, we just have to pay attention and listen 🙂

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