Make a new relationship with Nature

Covid has created the time and opportunity and Mother Nature has provided the glorious weather for us to take advantage of getting outside this winter and discovering new trails and activities to fill our days. 
More people are out walking than ever before, new skating rinks and trails are popping up everywhere and they are being maintained and used. This is one of the wonderful pieces of the Covid fallout. 

For the most part I love to hike and explore new trails and places for exercise and the pure beauty and relaxation of being in nature. This week I was invited to try a new program offered by Patti Phillips, Solo Guided Nature Connection Walk. Patti created this program as part of her Nature Therapy training and a way to share it during Covid. This is a very simple introduction to the practice of forest therapy, also know as forest bathing.

I am so excited to give it a try and find a new, deeper relationship with nature. I heard a stat this week that really disturbed me. If all the insects were removed from the earth, the world could not sustain itself past 50 years. If all the people were removed from the earth, the world would thrive in 50 years. Makes you think. Maybe it’s time we all develop a new relationship with nature and our earth.

Patti has been so kind to offer this program to the Happy Monkeys as a fundraising opportunity for the HMC Sharing Circle Endowment fund.

For a minimum $20 donation you will be given access to the course. You must commit by Jan. 31 but will have the whole month of February to complete the training. This way you can find a gorgeous sunny warmish day to take it in.

This will be a win, win, win, win! You will benefit personally, Patti will get to share what she loves and educate more of us on the important role nature plays, the charity will benefit from your kind contribution and Nature will benefit from all of us taking the time to develop a better relationship with her.

Here are the details of the program so you can make an informed decision:


This is a very simple introduction to the practice of forest therapy, also know as forest bathing.

It provides you with:

  • a brief description of the practice
  • recommendations for preparing for your walk
  • a recorded audio to guide you during and walk
  • journaling prompts when you return home to reflect on your experience.

In these times of COVID restrictions, our opportunity to access nature is one thing has not been taken away from us. Thank goodness! Nature has been medicine for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in these trying times.

There is no question that nature is healing. More and more research is confirming all the ways that spending time in natural spaces improves our well-being.

Forest therapy is a practice that supports people to experience time WITH nature and not just time in nature. In our current culture, we typically view nature as a resource for us to use. Forest therapy invites us to connect with nature in a mutual relationship in which all of us, humans and other than human beings, are supported to heal and grow. 

In the absence of me being able to guide you on an in-person, group forest therapy walk, I have created this “mini” program to support you  to experience your own nature connection walk with the use of an audio recording and your smartphone.

If you want to try this program out.

  1. Make your donation to the HMC sharing circle. (Minimum $20)
  2. Contact Patti Phillips and let her know your donation has been made and you would like access to the course.

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