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Have yourself a Mindful little Christmas

I don’t know about you, but Christmas has become a conflicted time for me. I really appreciate the reminders to celebrate and connect with friends and family. I love that there is a specific time of year that we get to have a “re-start” or “new birth”.

But then there’s all the abundant purchasing, unhealthy food, drinking too much, and overwhelm of saying yes to every invitation because we don’t want to disappoint. There are so many distractions that get in the way of connecting with our soul’s desire.

I know it’s been said before, but somehow we may have lost focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Now who am I to say what the meaning of Christmas is? Well, I don’t actually think I have any authority or expertise to say. I don’t think anyone really does. Not a church, or a politician, or a spiritual leader or the media, or family traditions.

What I’m suggesting is that we slow down just long enough to connect with our inner knowing of what Christmas uniquely means to each of us. Be intentional and block out the external pressures to do Christmas the way we are told by the media. Take some time to pay attention to what’s really important and be brave enough to say “no” to things that your heart doesn’t value.

As I’ve gotten older, my siblings and I slowly moved away from exchanging gifts. It started with picking names then graduated to making a donation to a charity on behalf of someone else. This is where my heart felt most comfortable. None of us “needed” anything that we couldn’t buy ourselves and to me, love is not expressed by a gift under the tree. It’s shown through a phone call and a listening ear, effort made to travel and get together when we can, and the expression of the words “I love you”.

These days, I don’t exchange gifts with anyone, not even my partner. Instead, we determine what we might have spent on gifts and give that amount to charities of our choice. We really like buying goats for families in Africa.

It’s been a process for me to figure out what Christmas means to me and become strong enough to say “enough”. Being mindful and exploring different questions has helped me sort out what’s really important and how I want to “be” in the chaos around me.

If you want to take some steps to be more mindful with your Christmas experience, here are some questions that will get you started:

Who do you really want to spend time with?
What is the meaning of exchanging gifts?
How much do you feel comfortable spending on Christmas without sacrificing other things that are really important to you?
How do you stay mindful to your health while still taking part in the fun food and drink?
How do you pay attention to those who struggle during the Christmas season?
What memories of Christmas past do you want to take the time to sit with, even if they stir up some pain?
How do stay in the moment of each experience so you can experience it fully (instead of thinking of all the things still left to do)?

By setting aside some time to explore these questions and creating the intention to be more mindful during the holiday season, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find the peace, joy and love of Christmas.

Merry, Mindful Christmas!


December 7 Life Lesson

If the above idea of having a mindful Christmas resonates with you, maybe you’d like to carve out a couple of hours to focus on you and your intentions during this busy holiday season. Imagine some mindful time to slow down and identify what’s really important to you before getting swept up in the excitement of Christmas.

This month’s Life Lesson is “Have Yourself a Mindful Little Christmas”. During this group session, we take the time to just breathe. Then we’ll more fully explore some of the questions posed above and share the different ways we’d like to move through the holiday season.

By being mindful, we can have a holiday experience that is in line with what’s truly important to us and one that allows us to experience an authentic Christmas. This life lesson will unwrap the gifts of peace, love and joy.

Come join a growing community of women who are daring live with intention and talk from the heart.

Time: Wednesday, December 7, 7:40 – 9:15 pm (doors open 7:30)

Location: Pilates Manitoba 390 Academy Road

Registration: $20 per person (women only), minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 20 participants: please RSVP by replyingto this email

In the spirit of Christmas, all registration money collected for this life lesson will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

Payment: you can pay through paypal or send an interac e-transfer to (you can also ask about other payment options)

If you know anyone who you think would benefit from joining in, please pass this information along.

Let’s move information to inspiration to action to transformation.



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