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The FMG Dragon Boat Festival wrapped up last weekend and the HMC Monkeys showed up and rocked the boats and rocked the fundraising total once again. $40,000 raised in support of Cancer Care Manitoba and the Children’s Hospital. Bravo ladies, you always make me so proud to be the leader of this club. I have to share my Facebook post in case you missed it,  so you truly understand the difference just one person with a dream and a passion can make.

As I reflect on another amazing weekend and the celebration of the life of Scott Walker, I am reminded of the difference one person can have when they have a vision, a heart and a passion to make a difference.
Scott saw an opportunity to create a fun event and attached it to a charity that truly makes a difference for children fighting cancer. In the last 6 years
over 1.5 million raised, pediatric success rates have increased from 10% to 80%. Numerous success stories and a community of Dragon Boaters and volunteers that respect, compete and support each other.
Scott inspired me to fund-raise and be a part of this amazing event and I know he was watching over us this weekend.
Scott’s ripple effect on our community is now a tidal wave.
Never doubt that you can’t make a difference. It all starts with an idea and a passion. Thank you Scott for your amazing gift to our community.
Be kind, give back, have fun and smile.
Let it ride….

Scott’s inspiration will carry on with me and the Happy Monkeys going forward. Together we will make a difference.

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