Never give up on a childhood dream!

As a kid I use to lay in the grass and watch the birds float across the sky. I imagined how peaceful and fun it would be to play in the wind and view the world from above. I wondered why people couldn’t fly? I thought about making myself some wings and jumping off the roof but I was smart enough not to try, despite my brothers encouragement! I figured, one day I would find a way and last week I did!

I was on a ski trip with good friends. As we were riding up the chair lift, I noticed up in the sky three people paragliding. How cool was that? It brought back those childhood memories and I knew I could finally make my dream come true. As we got off the chair lift, there was the sign…Look up…look way up! Tandem paragliding TODAY! It was meant to be.

This was my chance. So I called the company, invited my two friends to join me, as shared experiences are the best and we booked our spot for 2pm the next day. We awoke to another gorgeous blue bird day and I was going to grow my wings and fly. I was so excited that my nerves where non existent. We skied all morning and then headed up to our meeting spot.

I met my guide, Mukunda, yes that was his name! A wonderful, awesome young man from New Zealand that made me feel so comfortable all I could do was smile. I signed my life away, got my harness on, clipped in and 3..2..1 down the hill we went and like magic we were up in the air floating in the wind. The view was spectacular, it was so peaceful and everything I ever imagined it to be. I got to steer once we were up in the air, that’s when I got a little nervous! But then it was fun as we turned around in a circle, dropped and then floated. Just like the birds, I was flying.

It truly was a highlight for me. I share this with you not to tell you you have to go paragliding, unless of course it’s on your bucket list. I share this with you to encourage you to pursue your childhood dreams whatever they are. It’s never too late to try something new, take on a challenge and live life.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have. HMC has awakened me to truly live the life I want, happy, healthy and active.

What is on your bucket list? Take action now and make a plan to realize your dreams. It’s never too late.


  1. Janet Ploen on March 25, 2019 at 8:06 am

    I use to be daring like you and try a few things. The most daring things I use to try were the roller coasters at Riverview Park in Chicago. The scary and higher the better. I went on one this winter at Aventure land and I think my roller coaster days are over. I always wanted to ski but that wasn’t in the cards for me.

    • Carol Ploen-Hosegood on March 25, 2019 at 8:30 am

      You are still daring. Look at you in Costa Rica ziplining and guiding a double kayak. You still have it!

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