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Observer or participant?

blog01Are you an observer of life or a participant in life? Do you find yourself watching or engaging? Do you take pleasure in other people’s joy or do you create your own? There is no right or wrong answer, it is just an observation I have made lately that makes it easier for me to get the most out of life and plan my upcoming events for HMC.

The observer roll is much more passive and usually involves watching the participant. For example: Mom’s who watch their children play at the playground, teenage girls who watch the boys skate at the community centre, people who watch movies, plays or sporting events and the list goes on. Basically you observe the actions of others without engaging yourself. You find the joy in an activity through the energy of others.

The participant is a more active roll where you engage physically in an activity and find opportunities to have fun. The Mom who goes down the slide with their child and chases them around on the playground. The young girls who lace up their skates and join in the game, those who choose to try new activities through out life like learning to ski, running a marathon, sky diving etc. The joy is found in doing.

It is possible to be both an observer and participant. For example: When you attend a sporting event do you just watch (observer) or do you engage in the activity(participant)? Do you dress up in team colours? Cheer in the stands, dance when music is played? When you are out for a walk and pass a park and feel the urge to go swing on the swings or slide down the slide, do you?

Take an honest assessment of what you do in the course of a week. Is there balance in observing and participating? Do you lean more in one direction? Balance can be a wonderful place.

Recognizing where you find joy is important and then making decisions based on that will help guide you to happiness.

HMC is based on more of a participant model. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and engage in activities. There is safety in numbers and never judgement. Please check out our upcoming events and pick the ones that fit you. Come have some fun engaging in activities with like minded women #LiveActive.

– Carol

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