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How to run with a smile on your face

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | June 7, 2015

Annabel Scott, owner of Pilates Manitoba and certified Melt instructor shared a story with me the other day that I thought was perfect to share with all the Happy Monkeys. So many people I talk to, including myself don’t run anymore because it just hurts too much. And some of those people struggle with the…

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Think outside “your” box

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | June 7, 2015

You’ve heard the saying, “think outside the box.” It’s a metaphor that means: to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective, and has been used in business environments to try to find a competitive edge. This week, I would like to challenge you to not only think outside the box but to go outside…

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One Simple Change

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | May 31, 2015

The human body is a machine that needs to be fueled, loved, nurtured and appreciated to function at it’s optimum.  Just like a car engine, the better we care for it, the longer and smoother it will run.  We all strive to live a happy, healthy, independent life from birth to death and the good…

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Stretching the key to pain free living

By Lisa Poetker | May 30, 2015

Stretching can be the answer to pain free living if you make it a part of your weekly active living plan. Find out why it’s so important, especially as we age. Why Stretch? Stretching increases the flexibility of your body. Flexibility is defined as the range of possible movement through which the limbs and trunk…

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Why Walk?

By Lisa Poetker | May 21, 2015

Walking is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise. It’s easy, free, and suitable for almost everyone. As a physiotherapist, I ask many of my patients to walk as part of their rehabilitation, because it moves our bodies in the way they were intended to.  After all, we didn’t evolve to spend our days sitting at…

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Your daily survival kit

By Carol Ploen-Hosegood | May 17, 2015

A wonderful survival list provided to me from a member in an email. I can not take credit for this brilliant list but felt it was too good not to share. It fits right in with HMC. Toothpick … to remind you to  pick the good qualities in everyone, including  yourself. Rubber  band … to…

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