Do you see a 6 or do you see a 9? Does it matter?

We all have experienced the world and our lives in a very unique way. No two people view the world exactly the same. We all have our own individual experiences influenced by culture, family, religion, media and choices we make daily. Your perspective is yours but it does not make it the only perspective.

Today we hear so much negative talk, judgement and pointing of fingers in politics, celebrities right down to our judgement of family and friends. My way is the right way! But is it? Could there be more than one right way?

I want you to consider that perhaps there isn’t only one way to think, do things or act. If you slow down enough to listen to others, ask good questions and have discussions that share your own personal perspective and listen to others without judgement, we could create a much better world.

It’s time to start being better listeners and be open to all perspectives.

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