Pillars of Happiness

Community is a key factor to our happiness. Surrounding ourselves with positive, happy like minded individuals in addition to creating lifestyle habits that support health and happiness is so important. 

Our five pillars of happiness is the foundation we use every day to build this community and our own personal lives. We believe that if you use these five pillars as your guide, you will live your best life.


The Be Positive pillar is about creating a positive approach to life so you can respond to daily challenges with confidence and a sense of peace. It’s about being aware of your thoughts, choosing to find life’s lessons in the challenges you face, and acting in a way that contributes positively to others lives. Having this positive approach is a foundation to happiness and will guide, motivate, and inspire you in the other four pillars. Read more about the "Be Positive" pillar here.


The importance of fuelling your body with nutritious whole foods has been lost in a sea of marketing, processed foods, sugar and salt, all motivated by corporate profits, not your well-being. Our goal is to educate you to make the best decisions for you and energize your body with whole foods from nature. Read more about the "Eat Healthy" pillar here.


Staying active throughout life is a key to staying healthy and maintaining your independence through out life. Strength, cardiovascular health and stretching will be the foundation to being active for a lifetime. The level you choose is up to you and will change throughout your life but the key is to move! Read more about the "Live Active" pillar here.


Having fun is truly inherent in all of us and sometimes as we get older the fun gets sucked out of us from the stress and responsibility that comes with family, jobs and relationships but the physical benefits of a good belly laugh, making someone else smile and being care free like a child is so important. Having fun and laughing is our bodies natural high! Read more about the "Have Fun" pillar here.


Research has shown that the old saying of "It’s better to give than receive" is true on many levels. Besides feeling good about you for doing something for others it is also good for your physical health, self-esteem and personal empowerment. Happy Monkey Club gives back to charities through special events and fundraising efforts. Read more about the "Give Back" pillar here.

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