Eat Healthy

The importance of fuelling your body with nutritious whole foods has been lost in a sea of marketing, processed foods, sugar and trans fat, all motivated by corporate profits, not your well being. Our goal is to educate you to make the best decisions for you and energize your body with whole foods from nature.

The eat healthy pillar will also bring in other important factors that make your body function at it’s optimum including:

  • Optimal sleep
  • Drinking lots of pure water
  • Why fat is your friend
  • managing stress
  • Eat dessert too!

The Eat Healthy pillar will be reflected in:

  • The food choices at events we are hosting
  • Our Shred10 healthy living challenge which happens 8 times per year.
  • 2 months per year, “Eat Healthy” will be the focus of the web messages and emails delivered to our members.

Eat real food. Eat it in its whole form. If you can’t pronounce it, your grandma wouldn’t recognize it, and you can’t replicate it in your own kitchen, avoid it.

If you would like to explore the eat healthy pillar more fully you may want to consider a program with health coach Carol Ploen-Hosegood.


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