Shred10 is a 10 day program to kick start healthy living. It is based on a 4 month commitment to your health, as we all know healthy living is a lifestyle not a quick fix. However, the beauty of the Shred10 is for 10 days you focus on eliminating bad habits and being laser focused on the good ones. Then after the 10 days you continue to balance the good 80% vs. 20% not so good. Lets be honest, if you are truly committed to a healthy lifestyle, you can do anything for 10 days.

Personally I try to follow many of the Shred10 rules as part of my lifestyle as they truly are healthy living to the max and I know it makes a positive difference on my health.

Our next shred runs Oct. 15-24. Why don’t you give it a try?

Here is a awesome 15 minute presentation that spells it all out. Is your health worth 15 minutes to find out if it is the right program for you? I think so…

If you truly want better energy, clearer mental clarity, and better health using a proven program, a product with over 38 published clinical studies and resources to support you then lets get you started.

Click here to email Carol and request to take the next step.

Let health be your hobby.


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