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HMC sharing circle Endowment fund needs you!

The HMC sharing circle endowment fund is making a difference and this is my annual invitation to ask you to consider adding this fund to your list of giving. I understand that there are many worthy causes in our community asking for your financial support and at some point you said yes because someone asked.…

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The gift that keeps on giving

5 years ago I had a vision to start an endowment fund for HMC that would allow us to give back in perpetuity.  At the time I had no idea how I would come up with the money to make it happen but what I did know is where there is a will there is…

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Snow Angel Challenge

Oh the fun memories of making snow angels as a child. Falling in the soft snow, fanning our legs and arms in an attempt to make the perfect angel and then the art of getting up and away from it without wrecking the pristine outline of the angel. Yes, they are wonderful memories for all…

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