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How’s your posture?

The human body was made to move. Unfortunately our lifestyle has shifted to one that is much more sedentary than it should be. I’ve heard statements claim sitting is the new smoking. How scary is that? In addition to all the sitting, we spend more time with our heads forward and shoulders slouched looking and…

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Take the pain out of running and everyday life

The following note was written by Anabel Scott, owner of Pilates Manitoba. When I heard her story, I knew I had to share it and the incredible benefits of Melting. Personally, I am going to give it a try as I know I don’t have a smile on my face when I’m running! Another tool…

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How to run with a smile on your face

Annabel Scott, owner of Pilates Manitoba and certified Melt instructor shared a story with me the other day that I thought was perfect to share with all the Happy Monkeys. So many people I talk to, including myself don’t run anymore because it just hurts too much. And some of those people struggle with the…

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