Thank you for your generosity in a unknown time.

The HMC Rumors comedy night fundraiser was cancelled due to Covid 19 along with the HMC adventure travel trip to Arizona and numerous other monthly outings here in Winnipeg that brings our community together. We truly are in unprecedented times. However, during these times I knew I could count on you all to step up, understand and continue forward on your own positive path and I wanted to say Thank you.

The Rumors night had to be cancelled, understandably, yet we were still able to raise $580 from the early ticket buyers donating their purchase directly to the HMC endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation. It is with these gifts we are slowly growing our endowment and helping women in need in Manitoba. Currently we have $55,000 all from you, that will give back in perpetuity. Thank you.

If you were planning to join us on April 16, but hadn’t yet purchased your ticket. I can’t give you a night out but I can still provide you an opportunity to support the cause and feel fabulous about it. It’s a simple click of a button here and follow the steps. Thank you for your consideration. Together we are making a difference.

To my Arizona adventure travel group thank you for your understanding and support with the cancellation of our trip. My hope is to reschedule when life gets back on track. This way we will have something amazing to look forward to and get some value out of all the travel credits we have!

Thank you to my Tuesday morning workout crew who have reached out and shared how much they miss our weekly workouts but are keeping up on their own. Thank you to the crew that attends our monthly healthy lifestyle walks for understanding we all need to keep our distance but it hasn’t stopped you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors on your own.

Thank you to my wellness/Shred10 group that is keeping me accountable to my health at a time when it’s easy to just say WTF and sit on the couch. Together we are focused on living the 5 pillars of happiness everyday and feeling fab.

Our mental and physical health is very important to focus on now so when things get back to normal we are ready to help get our world back on track. Be sure to take time each day to eat healthy, live active, have fun, be positive and give back.

Thank you to all of you who share this community and this journey with me. Although sometimes it seems lonely and isolating at home, I know I have all of you out there smiling and sending your positive energy back.

Thank you

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  1. Janet on April 6, 2020 at 7:21 am

    Up early thins morning to do my exercises. First in a long time. I know my body feel so much better when I watch what I eat. Thank you for being my inspiration. Love you

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