As I wrap up attending another Juice Plus conference I can’t help but share why I love this company and product so much. Whole food nutrition has been my message from day one: eat whole food, not too much, mainly plants.  Seems simple enough but we all know in our busy lives sometimes we need a little help especially getting more plant based foods in our daily diet.

On busy days or when I travel, getting 7-12 servings of fresh, raw fruits and veggies in my diet everyday is impossible so I looked for a way to supplement.

There are many supplementary options on the market so why juice plus?

  • It’s bioavailable which means it is absorbed by the body, not just flushed down the toilet.
  • It has 38 published gold standard research papers supporting that it is doing good things for your body.
  • It’s created the way nature intended, not in a lab.
  • It supports preventative nutrition
  • contains 30 vine ripened fruits and veggies for less than a gourmet cup of coffee a day.
  • It is part of a healthy lifestyle and they supply education and programs through the healthy living revolution to educate you to be the healthiest you, you can be.
  • The Tower Garden is a vertical garden you can grow indoors and out 365 days a year and have fresh produce at your finger tips.
  • Our new Omega blend is a plant based, gluten free capsule that incorporates Omega 3,5,6,7 and 9 once again the way nature intended.
  • It bridges the gap between what I am eating and what I should be eating.

I have been taking Juice Plus consistently for the past 4 years and personally I notice the little things in how I feel, consistent energy, stronger finger nails, healthy skin, less sick days and blood work doesn’t lie, both my husband and I are getting great results.

I am not a big sales person, I simply like to share good things that make sense to me and Juice Plus is one of those. The positive story’s I hear of how Juice Plus has helped my friends with their health concerns is another bonus. I do not make health claims but what I do know is a if you fuel your body well over time your body will give you a healthy body to live in for life. Juice Plus is another piece of my healthy lifestyle puzzle.

My tagline in HMC has always been take what you like and leave the rest. If you are curious about learning more about Juice Plus and the product line join me Tuesday, May 9 for a shake it up party where you can taste our complete shake and bars, view the tower garden in action, see the capsules and gummies and ask questions about our healthy living revolution programs from One Simple Change to the Shred10.

You see, our bodies are amazing machines. They are capable of amazing things when they are looked after properly over a long period of time. As disease does not appear over night, prevention doesn’t happen overnight either. Juice Plus has become my insurance policy and great source of education when it comes to my health.

I can only share, the rest is up to you.

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