Turn your steps into $

Are you obsessed with how many steps you get in each day? Do you check your smart watch hourly? Do you walk in circles around your house before bed waiting to hit the magic 10,000? Or perhaps you just love to go out for a walk or run and take in nature. Regardless of your motivation, I need you.

First off, let me congratulate you on taking your health into your own hands. Moving on a daily basis is an important piece to the healthy living puzzle. Many experts say 10,000 steps is an important goal for moving on a daily basis and getting outside in nature and taking in a little sunshine is another health benefit.

So what does this have to do with money?

A few years ago I was introduced to an app called Charity Miles. Charity Miles is a free app that tracks your movement and raises money for a charity of your choice every time to move. Win Win for sure!

Once you set up your account and pick your charity, all you have to do is turn on the app each time you walk, bike or run. Easy peasy! This past week I noticed you could set up teams and so I have created the Happy Monkey Team and I invite you all to join. There is a leader board so we can motivate each other to move! Last week our team put up 73.94 miles. I’m excited about where this can go and hope you will join us.

Send me an email with your cell # and I’ll send you a link to join our team.

#Live Active #Give Back

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