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Volunteering is so rewarding

For a year I have been thinking about volunteering some of my time.  I hear that regularly from many of my friends and Happy Monkey members, but it seems time marches on and we just talk about it. This fall I decided to take action and walk the walk as well as talk the talk and connected with a school teacher friend and found out what I needed to do. Police background check…done,  child abuse registry…done, now it was time to get busy.  I invited my Mom along to join me, Wednesday morning was our first day and I can’t tell you how amazing it was.

I jumped out of bed with purpose, I did not want to let those kids or my friend down. My mom and I drove together and got to have some quality time catching up and then we arrived at our school all excited like it was the first day of kindergarten many years ago! As we walked in the door that familiar smell of an elementary school brought back so many memories.  We met the teachers we would be helping out and we were given our instructions. Grade 1 and 2 reading, math skills and basic alphabet, I knew I could handle it all (as long as I didn’t forget my glasses.)

I learned all about sheep, had fun making words out of random letters and giggled and high fived with every student as they learned something new. I fed off the energy of these young, energetic kids and saw the sparkle in my mom shine too. The morning flew by and we both couldn’t believe it was already lunch time.

We have committed to every Wednesday morning and I can tell you I am looking forward to next week already, even though it will be the day after Halloween!

I challenge you to find a volunteer opportunity that fits for you. It is true what they say “It’s better to give than receive,” because in the end you actually receive way more than you give.

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  1. Charlene on October 30, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Way to go! Reading with kids in Grade 1 is probably the most important thing you could do. The teachers are so lucky to have you!

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