Every day we hear of another cut to our health care system here in Manitoba. The media makes it out to be a crisis, conversations around the water cooler focus on how terrible all these cuts are and how we will never get help when we need it. True or not, I challenge you to be part of the solution.

There is no doubt our system has a few cracks and needs an overhaul. I’m not here to discuss if the route our government is taking is right or wrong,  what I want to discuss is how we can play a role in helping take stress off the system.

Health Care is our universal right here in Canada and I truly hope that never changes because I do believe that everyone deserves equal access to quality care.  However, I also believe that we have a personal responsibility to make better choices, live a healthy lifestyle and avoid putting a bigger burden on our health care system by preventing diseases we have control over.

Did you know 80% of disease can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle?

What does that look like?

Eating a whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables, becoming more active by moving your body daily, sleeping 7-8 hours, drinking more water and less alcohol, staying positive and managing stress. Yet a large majority of people would rather run to the doctor looking for a quick fix. The answer is truly is within your control.

Big changes are happening to our system, perhaps it is time big changes happen in our own day to day lives. I’ve seen it with friends who stopped and looked in the mirror and took responsibility for their own well being.  They started eating healthier, moving more and stressing less and by doing so their weight dropped, they had more energy and slowly but surely less medication and less doctor visits. Fast food, alcohol, stimulants and NetFlix is not your answer to wellness.

Stop making excuses and start making the changes you can control.

I truly believe that more money is not the answer to our health care woes, I believe the answer is educating and motivating people to take health back by making personal changes in their lifestyle. If we do that as a society then the health care system will be there for the 20% of disease we truly have no control over.

Will you choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Join us for a 10 day healthy lifestyle challenge and kick off Fall on a positive note.

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