Why focus on women’s health? Men get sick too. Aren’t we all the same?

On many levels yes, but on many others not so much. In addition to the differences between men and women much of the research that has been done over the last 50 years has targeted men in the sample groups or has had a disproportionate amount of men to women with the results being generally applied to both sexes. However,  men’s and women’s bodies do function differently and we need to learn more specifically about the female body and keep them healthy.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t time during your appointment to ask all the questions you want. Or there are many topics that seem to be taboo that we just don’t talk about or we laugh off as part of aging but seriously ladies we  can do better.   With that in mind, HMC is hosting another women’s health night.

Dr. Denise Black will share her expertise for an hour and then open up to questions. The focus will be on maintaining health at menopause and beyond. No topics or questions are off limits. Join us for an informative, fun night.

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