Won’t you be my neighbor?

Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood was an iconic show produced back in the 60’s and was the longest running children’s show until it was surpassed by Sesame Street in 2002.

I remember as a teenager having friends make fun of the simplicity and goofiness of Fred Rogers the host and producer of the show. We weren’t alone, Saturday night live and other late night shows did spoofs of the show and Fred himself, but true to the man he was, Fred continued with his message of love and kindness. Thank you Fred for be authentic and true to who you were.

On Friday night I had the pleasure of watching the documentary, “Won’t you be my neighbor,” telling the story of the show and the man Fred Rogers. I was blown away and loved every minute of it. The messages were powerful, timely and positive.

The series was aimed primarily at preschool ages 2 to 5, but it was labelled by PBS as “appropriate for all ages”. I couldn’t agree more, I’m just sad I didn’t pay more attention when I was the know it all teenager!

Today, I want to share some of the key messages I was reminded of as I watched the documentary, in the hopes you will love more, be kind and understanding of others and be a positive member in your neighborhood/community.

I also encourage you to watch the trailer and then take the time to see the documentary as it truly is the simpler things in life that make our world wonderful.

Messages from the Neighborhood

  • Love is the route of everything.
  • What is essential in life is invisible to the eye. (think about that one)
  • Always look for people who are helping.
  • Think of someone along your journey in life that has helped you and reach out and say thank you.
  • When you are troubled or stuck, know you are not alone. Positive thoughts won’t solve or make your problem go away but they can help get you through the rough spots if you at least balance positive thoughts with troubled thoughts.
  • “I like you” is a wonderful phrase to tell someone you connect with. Simple and powerful but unfortunately not spoken enough.

A neighborhood is a place where even when you are scared, afraid or lonely, someone will be there to take care of you and others. We all play a role in being that loving, kind person.

Won’t you be my neighbor?


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