As much as we hated admitting it as we were growing up, now that I am older, wiser and a mom, it turns out, Mom is always right!

I was listening to a talk on brain health this week and really focusing on the simple messages as the science side of health, although interesting, it is not the stuff I remember. What sticks with me are the simple messages and the things I can incorporate into my life daily.

Modern medicine has it’s place but as you may know by now my focus is on prevention and understanding what are the best things I can do to maintain good health for life. My motto is, ” I want to die young, as old as possible.”

Since it is summer time and we all want to be out enjoying the gorgeous weather, I am going to keep this message short and sweet. Plus being outside is part of the prescription.

#1 Medicine for brain health

“Eat more fruits, vegetables and seafood; and go outside and play!”

Dr. Mom

There is no better scientifically proven medicine!

It takes a little more planning, time and energy than sitting watching Netflix and ordering in a pizza but I can tell you that as I am getting older and following this prescription I feel fantastic.

Interested in reading more check out this article by Dr. Bill Sears.


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